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Find Roland Garros Live Odds! This is the only Grand Slam held on clay and ends the spring clay court season. Bet on your favorite tennis players as they battle it out for the second Grand Slam title of the year.
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Find Wimbledon Odds on your favorite sports betting site. This is the only Major still played on grass, the game's original surface, which gave the game of lawn tennis its name..
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Check the latest US Open Odds! A hardcourt tennis tournament which is the modern iteration of one of the oldest tennis championships in the world.
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We have the latest Davis Cup Betting Odds Online. The structure of the Davis Cup is in this way somewhat similar to many European soccer leagues, with relegation and promotion.
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We provide the Australian Open Tennis Lines. The Australian Open is a major tennis tournament held annually over the last fortnight of January in Melbourne, Australia..

Davis Cup Tennis Tournament

The Davis Cup is the premier international team event in men's tennis. It is run by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and is contested annually between teams from competing countries in a knock-out format.

Davis Cup Betting Lines

The competition began in 1900 as a challenge between Britain and the United States. By 2007, 137 nations entered teams into the competition. The most successful countries over the history of the tournament are the United States (winning 32 tournaments and finishing as runners-up 29 times) and Australia (winning 28 times, including four occasions with New Zealand under the name 'Australasia', and finishing as runners-up 19 times). The present champion is Spain who beat Argentina to claim the title.


The tournament was conceived in 1899 by four members of the Harvard University tennis team who wished to challenge the British to a tennis competition. Once their respective lawn tennis associations agreed, one of the four Harvard players, Dwight F. Davis, designed a tournament format and ordered an appropriate sterling silver trophy from Shreve, Crump & Low, purchasing it from his own funds for about $1000.

They in turn commissioned a classically-styled design from William B. Durgin's of Concord, New Hampshire, crafted by the Englishman Rowland Rhodes. Davis went on to become a prominent politician in the United States in the 1920s, serving as US Secretary of War from 1925–29 and as Governor-General of the Philippines from 1929–32.

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To keep an eye on the current state of world tennis, visit our other Grand Slam events for all the Major tournaments, offering up-to-dated tennis information and a complete tennis schedules.

Tennis betting wagering start with Australian Open in January, the Davis Cup in February, then French Open in May, Wimbledon in June/July and US Open in August.

The Two Major Tennis Associations


ATP Tour:

  • In 1988 members of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) convened a press conference in the parking lot at the US Open to announce to the world that they were taking over control of the game.


  • The use of the parking lot emphasized the point that they were banned from using on-site facilities by the then ruling body, the Men's Tennis Council.


  • By 1990 a significant number of players as well as tournament directors had signed up.


  • This has evolved into something that is quite unique in the sporting world, an equal partnership between players and tournament organizers. In January 2001 the ATP Tour name was shortened to ATP.


WTA Tour:

  • The Women's Tennis Association (WTA) went through a similar battle as the ATP to improve the lot of women tennis professionals.

  • Back in 1970, women were being paid only one third of the prize money that men were earning.


  • It took a handful of determined players to buck the system and start up their own 3 tournament circuit,
    in the following year this grew to 19 tournaments and the rest is history.


  • Equal prize money for men and women's now the standard for international tennis.